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Cosmetic Dentistry

Non Invasive Tooth re-shaping and Gap closing

If you have chipped or spaced teeth or teeth that are not quite the right shape or size, we can offer a treatment to improve the appearance of those teeth without injections or drilling away healthy tooth structure.

By using composite bonding techniques, teeth can be built up and reshaped using materials that are carefully matched to your teeth and then highly polished to give an excellent and natural result.

Teeth can also be shortened, smoothed or levelled to improve your smile line.

Tooth Grinding, Clenching and Headaches

Many people grind their teeth and often it is worst at night when you are unaware of the damage that is being caused. Your partner may complain about the noise and you may be waking up with sore teeth or aching muscles of the face. Your quality of sleep may be poor and you may suffer from repeated broken teeth and restorations.

This problem is often linked to migraines.

Following a careful investigation of the problem we can often offer a treatment that involves wearing a small custom made bite guard which stops your face and neck muscles from over tensing. This can lead to improved sleep and a relaxation of those tensed muscles.

Teeth Whitening

Tooth Whitening is an increasingly popular procedure for all ages. Whiter teeth are associated with a younger, healthier and more aesthetic appearance.

If you would like whiter teeth speak to your dentist and he will assess your suitability.

Our practice uses a home whitening system which we believe offers good and controllable results.

A whitening gel is placed in a custom made tray which is worn for about 45 mins a day for a minimum of 10 days.