Dental Filling in Lanzarote

Recover your wellbeing, say goodbye to annoying cavities and enjoy your favorite foods again without fear of pain.

Empastes Dentales en Lanzarote

Your comfort is the most important thing in British Dental Clinic.

Do you need a Dental Filling? Watch for these signs:

  • Have you ever felt a twinge when eating very hot or cold foods?

  • Have you noticed dark marks on your teeth?

  • Do you notice small cracks in your teeth?

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, it may be time to consider a dental filling.

Filling treatment is your ally against decay caused by cavities. Cavities, if left untreated, can advance to affect the dental nerve.

You will experience a painful episode and possibly an infection.

Tooth filling in Lanzarote stops decay, relieves bad breath and reduces the risk of tooth loss or increased sensitivity.

paciente dentista lanzarote
paciente dentista lanzarote

Our Step by Step Dental Fillings in Lanzarote

We prioritize your comfort 100% in every phase of the process.

Initial preparation

Comenzamos asegurando un procedimiento sin dolor mediante anestesia local en la zona afectada.

dentista Lanzarote

Caries removal

With the area anesthetized, we proceed to meticulously remove the decay, preparing the tooth for the filling.

dentista Lanzarote

Application of the filling

After eliminating any vestiges of caries, we apply the filling, modeling it so that it integrates with your tooth in a natural way.

dentista Lanzarote

Completion of the procedure

Once the filling has set, we are finished and you will be able to eat and drink without any discomfort after a few hours.

dentista Lanzarote

We give you personalized advice

We will provide you with dental care recommendations according to your case, so you can enjoy a flawless smile.

dentista Lanzarote

We are still here to support you...

If you have any questions, we will be ready to assist you. Your dental health is our main motivation!

dentista Lanzarote
paciente dentista lanzarote
Limpiezas Dentales en Lanzarote

Your Dental Filling in Lanzarote with British Dental Clinic

Fearing a dental filling is more common than you think. Anxiety at the thought of possible discomfort often causes chills in some people.

At British Dental Clinic we understand any fears you may have and, for this reason, we move 100% at your pace.

This is where we distinguish ourselves as your Dentist in Lanzarote.

We are committed to the utmost empathy and tact so that your concerns do not get in the way of your optimal dental health.

We provide a harmonious environment, complemented with soft music and clear communication about the procedures to be followed.

We are committed to making each filling as effective, fast and pain-free as possible, using the most modern and sophisticated techniques.

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Advantages of Dental Fillings in Lanzarote

These are all the advantages that this technique can offer you.

Common doubts about Dental Fillings in Lanzarote

To solve your concerns, here are the questions we receive most frequently.

Normally, fillings last an average of five years, although it is advisable to have an annual check-up to ensure that they continue to perform their function correctly. Keep in mind that their lifespan will depend not only on the quality of the material, but also on your care.

You should not experience pain during the placement of a dental filling. In cases where decay has deeply compromised the tooth and you may feel some discomfort, we will apply local anesthesia to ensure your comfort.

The time required for the placement of a dental filling varies depending on the extent and depth of the decay. Generally, this procedure can be completed in a range of 15 to 40 minutes.

Currently, you have the option of choosing composite fillings, which is a biocompatible composite resin and offers excellent functionality and esthetics, mimicking the color of the teeth. Porcelain is another viable option, noted for its natural appearance as well as its strength and longevity.

After having a filling, it is advisable to avoid hard, sticky or chewy foods for at least a few hours or the rest of the day.

Opt for soft foods such as eggs, oatmeal or soups.

Be cautious with extremely hot or cold foods or drinks if you feel sensitivity.

And finally, avoid brushing too hard to prevent damage to both your teeth and the filling, as this can cause new cavities and sensitivity.

This is how we differentiate ourselves at British Dental Clinic!

Our goal is to provide you with a high-end filling treatment that strengthens and protects your teeth, ensuring your comfort at all times.

paciente Empastes Dentales en Lanzarote
paciente Empastes Dentales en Lanzarote

The Ultimate in Dental Care!

The team of oral health specialists at our dental clinic in Lanzarote know how important it is to preserve your natural teeth, that’s why we provide fillings that are not only strong, but also discreet.