Endodontics on Lanzarote

Say goodbye to pain, NOT your tooth! Forget about the discomfort that prevents you from eating, talking and living at ease.

We have convenient payment instalments for your endodontic treatment!

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We are at the forefront of the latest in Rotational Endodontics and Root Canal Systems.

Signs that You Need a Root Canal

Fear of losing a tooth or a tooth is a scenario that no one would like to face.

Fortunately, there are techniques such as endodontics to avoid this situation. But, is it indicated in all cases?

The truth is that it is a recommended treatment if:

You feel discomfort when chewing, either simple tooth sensitivity or something more like pain.
Your tooth has become darker or has small black dots on it.
You are experiencing a bad taste in your mouth (This is caused by the infectious process).
You notice that fistulas or phlegmons (accumulation of pus in an area of the gum that causes pain) are starting to form.

If you have fit one or more of these symptoms, it is likely that you need a root canal.

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The Best Endodontic Techniques in Lanzarote

At British Dental Clinic, we have a wide range of endodontic techniques, adapted to each situation.

Uniradicular technique

Ideal for single-rooted teeth, this technique facilitates access and cleaning of root canals and is generally a quick and easy process.

Multiradicular Technique

Applicable to multi-rooted teeth, this technique requires more extensive sessions for a thorough cleaning of all roots and canals, which can be more complex due to the variability of their shapes.

Why Choose British Dental Clinic for your Endodontics in Lanzarote

Our specialists are renowned for their care and precision in all treatments, especially endodontics, which is crucial for oral health.

At our dental clinic in Lanzarote, we ensure that your experience is comfortable and worry-free, using effective sedation for a completely painless procedure. In addition, we guarantee the complete elimination of infection, preventing future problems.

Don’t resign yourself to losing your tooth.

We will help you save it at all costs with the best endodontic treatment, eliminating that pain that keeps you awake at night.

In addition, we make quality dental care an affordable alternative with competitive prices and convenient financing options. Zero worries, complete wellness!

Benefits of Endodontics

No, not only will you avoid losing that damaged tooth that you had already given up for lost. There are even more advantages:

Frequently Asked Questions about Endodontics on Lanzarote

We resolve your doubts about this important dental treatment.

No, thanks to our advanced sedation techniques, the treatment is completely painless. In addition, we provide effective painkillers to minimise any subsequent discomfort.

At British Dental Clinic, we personalise our quotes to suit your needs and financial situation. In addition, if you need it, you can always opt for financing for your treatment.

The duration varies according to the complexity of the case, but is generally completed in 60 to 90 minutes for simple situations, and can be extended to 120 minutes in more complex cases.

Avoid chewing on the treated side for the first few days, opt for soft foods, and continue with careful oral hygiene, flossing sideways rather than pulling upwards.

Say Goodbye to Discomfort without Giving Up Your Teeth!

Don’t let these conditions alter your wellbeing. At British Dental Clinic, we help you keep your natural teeth and eliminate pain with effective and comfortable root canal treatment.

Tailored Financing to Restore Smiles

At British Dental Clinic, we believe that financial constraints should not prevent you from getting the dental treatment you need. We offer flexible financing plans so you can keep your teeth healthy and your smile complete.