Gum Graft in Lanzarote

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When is a Gum Graft Needed?

Gum grafting in Lanzarote is the key to treating problems such as gingival recession or bone loss.

Gingival recession occurs when the gum recedes and exposes the roots of the teeth, increasing the risk of tooth decay and tooth sensitivity.

In cases of bone loss, deterioration of the bone supporting the teeth can cause tooth mobility and tooth loss.

Ignoring the need for gum grafting in any of these cases could lead to serious complications, such as tooth loss or severe gum infections.

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Types of Gum Grafting in Lanzarote

There are different gum grafting techniques, each one suitable for specific needs. We tell you what they are:

Connective Tissue Grafting

This graft involves taking tissue from the palate and transplanting it to the affected area. It is ideal for correcting gingival recession and increasing gum height.

Free Gingival Graft

In this procedure, tissue from an area close to the affected tooth is used and transplanted over the root of the tooth. It is effective in increasing the gum width around the teeth and covering the exposed roots.

Pedicled Gingival Tissue Grafting

This type of graft uses a piece of gum from the neighbouring tooth to cover the affected area. Ideal for correcting gingival recession and increasing gum height.

Our Gum Grafting Process at British Dental Clinic

During gum grafting in Lanzarote, tissue is taken from the patient’s mouth or from a donor and transplanted into the affected area.

This new tissue helps to rebuild the area and protect the tooth root.

We perform the procedure under local anaesthetic to ensure your comfort, and you will feel no pain during the treatment.

Results vary from person to person and situation to situation, but generally there is a very noticeable improvement in the appearance and health of the gums.

Benefits include reduced tooth sensitivity, reduced root exposure and better protection against tooth decay and periodontal disease.

At British Dental Clinic, we have advanced technology and a team of experienced gum grafting specialists.

We offer flexible financing options, ensuring that treatment is affordable for you, whatever your budget.

Benefits of a Gum Graft in Lanzarote

Discover how a gum graft can transform your dental health and your appearance:

Frequently Asked Questions about Our Treatment

Here we answer some of the most common questions from our patients

We perform the graft under local anaesthesia, which allows you to forget about pain during the procedure. There may be some postoperative discomfort, but this can be controlled with medication.

Healing time varies, but typically ranges from 2 to 6 weeks, depending on the type of graft and the individual patient’s response.

We suggest avoiding strenuous physical activity for at least one week after treatment to facilitate healing.

After the graft, it is advisable to follow a soft diet and avoid hard or irritating foods so as not to damage the treated area.