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We look after tourists and aim to make any visit to us as pleasant as possible, after all we want you to come back, if you don’t visit Lanzarote we and many others can’t live here.


The worst time to have dental problems is when you are on holiday so …

We will always see you on the same working day, if you call before 4pm, and give you treatment to stop pain.

We will arrange to see you within 2 working days for any follow-up.

We offer emergency dental treatment on weekends and fiestas if you call the emergency mobile number (616815293 only for weekends and fiestas) between 10 am and 12 midday.

We do not pay any inducement fees to a third party for referrals, keeping down your costs.

Dental Tourism

Dentistry, in many areas of the world, can be expensive, especially Ireland, Scandinavia and many parts of the UK.

If you are thinking of having dental treatment at home why not contact us about combining a holiday with a course of treatment.

Compare our prices for Crown and Bridgework, Implants, Dentures and even general dental treatment, it could pay for your holiday!